Area Code 321
First Day Photos

Robert Osband
Originator of Area Code 321

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This page is made up of photos from the First Day of Service of Area Code 321 on 1999 November 01. Most are "screen shots" of video footage taken in Tallahassee FL at the Public Service Commission Hearing Room, or the Teleconference Center at the Kennedy Space Center. After all, the Countdown Capitol of the World deserves to have Area Code 321.

Public Service Commissioner Julia Johnson was PSC Chairman at the time of the Area Code 321 Public Hearings. Here she introduces Chairman Garcia. Current PSC Chairman Joe Garcia introduces Florida Governor Jeb Bush

Kennedy Space Center Director Roy Bridges (left) is seen here over the shoulder of PSC Commission Chairman Joe Garcia. Governor Bush praises Ozzie's "Simple, bold idea to reccognize Florida's Space Industry with this Area Code".

Governor Jeb Bush introduces Roy Bridges, Director of the Kennedy Space Center. Roy Bridges, Director of the Kennedy Space Center, presents a plaque with flags flown aboard the Space Shuttle to Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

View of the KSC Teleconferencing room, as seen in Tallahassee. Robert Osband (left), originator of area code 321, with Kennedy Space Center Deputy Director James Jennings (right). NASA Photo

Governor Jeb Bush places the first Official Phone Call into the 321 Area Code. Kennedy Space Center Deputy Director James Jennings (right) accepts Governor Bush's phone call, as Ozzie, Center Senior Staff, and invited guests look on. NASA Photo

The view of the event as seen from the KSC Teleconferencing Center. NASA Photo In July 1999, "What is Area Code 321" was the Final Jeopardy Answer on the popular TV quiz show.

An area code to reflect the countdown capitol of the world?
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