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The Washington Post caught me on video tape at a launch in Space View Park. (click the Arrow marked 6:09 for the full video)The shirt is green for GO!
The video was a 'Web extra' for their Article about "The Comeback Coast" too.

Then theres the Channel 6 report, done a few months later. (Summer 2019)

Ozzie exiting the TARDIS
Ozzie lives near the Kennedy Space Center waiting for his
ride home, considering how he got here.

Hi there. I'm Ozzie, a telecommunications hobbyist, and space enthusiast (Space Cadet). Ham radio and outer space are two driving interests in my life just now. Look at the hyper links below, and you'll see how much they are linked together these days! Actually, I call myself a Space Ranger these days, since I'm now in my 50's and a little old to be a Cadet. Some head-hunters have been looking for my resume, and I've been reccommending my Hurricane Andrew Report to some people to read lately, so I've added the links here so they can find them easily.

My current "claim to fame" is having come up with the idea that the Area Code of Space Coast of Florida (the Countdown Capitol of the World) should be 321. Oh sure, it makes sense once it's been pointed out, but it took me to point it out. What can I point out to others? To you, and your company? As a result, I'm hanging out a "consulting shingle" to provide my kind of "non-linear thinking" to consulting clients. Please visit my web site at SpaceyIdeas.Com.

[photo of large group of people]

Students of The Florida Space Institute, Course EGN-2930 Space Science & Technology,
pose behind the Space Shuttle Columbia in the Vehicle Assmebly Building
in a 1999 photo. (Yes, I'm in there. And that's not white
hair; I live in Florida, so it's sunbleached!)

Ozzie's Space Stuff

Your mobile phone's best web address
for launch status on Launch Day.

We believe that dotMOBI is the new dotCOM
for mobile device based web pages.

Then there's the old Frequently Asked Questions page. In it, I answered questions about when, and where to view launches of Space Shuttles from the Kennedy Space Center, and unmanned rockets from the Cape Canaveral Air Station. It's a bit outdated now.

Got a payload for a Falcon 9? Check out the Falcon 9 RideShare Program

You can view satellites traveling above your home! Click here to see when satellites are visible from your back yard (you need to be in darkness, while the sats are in sunlight).

Beginners Guide to Astronomy

Ozzie's favorite source for launch schedules is the SpaceFlight Now Launch Schedule Page

My room-mate Cheshire went
to a "hackers" conference called
["Beyond HOPE" Conference Logo, Animated by Meem]
And all I got was this lousy icon. ;-)>

There are also some Electronic Press Clippings available from the Beyond HOPE conference as well. He also attended the H2K Conference (Hope 2000) in New York City, 2000 July 14-16. He keeps the Post H2K Convention Web page.

Click here for the correct time, (There is also a fancy "Netscape specific" version) from the US Naval Observatory, or download software from NTP.Org to set your system clock from their atomic clock using Network time Protocol.

A Brief Explanation:

climbing This page is really my own personal set of "bookmarks". I need to borrow resources needed to access the account on my Internet Provider (this means I use someone elses computer and/or phone line to get to The Web), and since I can't "clutter up" someone else's web browser with my bookmarks, I use this as my bookmark page. If you like, you can send me an e-mail at n4scy@amsat.org and let me know what you think of it, and whether any of it is wrong, or needs to be changed. And keep in mind, I'm not only learning as I go along, I'm making it up as I go along, too! Come along with me, and don't forget to SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE!

Ozzie's "Web Pages Of Interest" (to him, anyway)

Hurricane Matthew, 2016
Sorry, No report

It's like I always told my mother, "Don't worry about me during a hurricane, I'll be in a safe, warm Red Cross shelter working ham radios". As an example of how this works, is my old report on working ham radios in Homestead FL following Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Ozzie's Hurricane Andrew Report (HTML)
Ozzie's Hurricane Andrew Report (PDF)

I'm probably going to take heat for this, but I don't think of ham operators as "First Responders", we're "First Supporters". We move in where comms are down, and information can't get to where it's needed. That's what ham radio is for following a disaster, natural or man made. It's just that in the case of a huricane where you can see the problems coming, we get to set up early, and are there to provide the communications when the regular services go down.

Cell towers aren't expected to survive, and if they do, they need power which could go out for 3 days or more. Battery operated ham radios (and their trained and experienced operators) are the method needed to get critical information from the field to Emergency Managers who need to mitigate the destruction caused by the hurricane. We hams are those "First Supporters. "

National Hurricane Center
Hurricane Matthew position reports

ICS Forms
Forms needed to keep the Incident Command System operating.
Ham Radio: The ARRL is the national ham radio Home Page of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).
The QRZ Ham Radio Callsign Database is here.
Don't forget the Titusville Amateur Radio Club! And in case you need to know, here's the International Standard Phonetic Alphabet. You'd be surprised how handy it is to know this!
  • Hurricane Andrew Report, from the time I led a 10 person crew from Pinellas County into Homestead FL to operate ham radios after Huricane Andrew.
  • Brevard County Radio Frequencies.
  • Emmergency communications Frequencies.
  • Incident Command Training, ICS-100
  • NAVTEX is Navigation Text messages sent by Radio Teletype.
  • Once a year, you need Field Day Software or This one
  • Packet Radio (the TAPR Home Page), the data communications service of ham radio (and the reason I got my ham radio license). Computer To Radio Pinouts for cable connections are here. I've also been published in the ARRL 12th Digital Communications Conference Proceedings 1993.
  • Green Bay Professional Packet Radio links
  • Anderson Power Poles are the new power connector standard.
  • APRS, The Amateur Automatic Packet Reporting System for position reporting by receiving location strings emitted by a GPS receiver, and sending the information over Packet Radio, the data communications service of amateur radio. You can download APRS software and the latest maps. In fact you can even see where I live.

    Click here for the Windows version of APRS which can be found at ftp://ftp.tapr.org/aprssig/winstuff/WinAPRS/. Don't forget to pick up your Maps of Florida Counties (very big and very detailed.

    The USA Eastnet Network linksthe Northeast to Florid for packet rdio transmissions.

  • sound Card TNC Stuff
  • FindU.Com CGI Info
  • The Hamshack Hack, a complete Knoppix Linux ISO CD-ROM image, suitable for burning on your own CD-ROM (at your own risk, of course). You can boot from the CD-ROM, and runn Linux without doing away with your Windows system.

    PacComm Packet Radio Systems is a major manufacurer of APRS compatible Packet Radio equipment. On-Line Command and Function Reference for TNC Commands is a useful link. AEA and Kantronics also makes packet gear. The ECHO Satellite has been launched!

    Special Deals Exclusive at the Palm Store
    Ozzie once had a day job as a "headset jockey" at
    The Palm Store selling Palm Pilots. He's now head of the
    Central Florida Palm Users Group

    Robert Osband's PSC Testimony Hyper-References
    (Or you could just read "The Area Code 321 Story")

  • Electronic Commerce: EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, allows the transfer of business information that would have flowed in the form of Invoices, and Purchase Orders, to travel as "electronic documents" in machine readable form at the speed of light. DISA, the Data Interchange Standards Association, is a good place to start. This stuff is international in scope, so be sure to check out the EDIFACT information as well.. You can also read my roommate Cheshire's views on E-Commerce, which calls for strong encryption before E-Commerce can be taken seriously.
  • ITU, the International Telecommunications Union is a United Nations specialized agency, which handles international communications treaties and standards.
  • Inmarsat started life as the International Maritime Satellite Organization as an offshoot of the IMO, the International Maritime Orgaznization. It has been privatized.
      A "users group" has ben formed called the Mobile Satillite Users Association.
  • Information on International Paper and Envelope Sizes

    All You Can Meet

  • Java slide show Code
  • Audio Reading Service for the blind. A service of WMFE. (the service can be found on the Second Audio Program (SAP) of Channel 24 in Orlando - hit your "zapper menu" untill the stereo choices come up.
  • WMFE 90.7 FM, Public Radio in Orlando FL. I answer phones during pledge drives, because I love NPR, National Public Radio. Communitty Broadcasting (WMFE) home page,
  • Ozzie's RealAudio Links, which will let you listen to things Ozzie likes to listen to.
    Ozzie's Story Corps episode from 2008
  • Shortwave Broadcasters: Radio Canada, CBC Radio, Radio Canada Intl, BBC, Radio Nederlands, NHK(?), Radio Japan(?), ORF (Austrian Radio), Radio Austria Intl, Radio France Intl, List of various Shorwave Broadcasters, Glen Hauser's World of Radio.
  • Chickenman was a daily radio serial produced by WCFL Chicago, and as a teenager I listened avidly every night from my home in Rochester NY.
  • The Hitch-Hikers Guide to tthe Galaxy, Just one of the cults I'm following after all these years.
  • 2600 Magazine, Home of "The Hacker's Quarterly" web page. One of their writers is The Cheshire Catalyst. You can even look up 2600's mascot, Walter, a dog with his own Web Page. (While I'm at it, here's a Guide Dog FAQ). Here's a link to Mr Bell.
  • Discovery Channel Science News Page. Well, how about their History of Hacking pages? (I know three of these people personally)
  • The WorldCon, The World Science Fiction Convention can be found by following this link. If I can afford to go, you might find me there as well.
  • Funny Songs: Tom Lehrer (a quick bio, and WikiQuotes & 1979 Interview on NPR), Dr Demento, The Capitol Steps, Mark Russell, P.D.Q. Bach, Tom Smith (a filker with computer songs), and other humorous song references.
  • Interesting TV Cameras: See some interesting places, and the status of coffee pots.
  • Ozzie's Ego: My Resume is available for viewing. There's a Hurricane Andrew Report, from the time I led a 10 person crew from Pinellas County into Homestead FL to operate ham radios after Huricane Andrew. As a result, I published a paper for the ARRL 12th Digital Communications Conference Proceedings 1993. A "FilkSong Book" has been published on the Web with my song When Harlie Played One in it.
  • Casio Watch Manual (Module 3054)
  • My friend Mary Myers has a micellanious web page at WhoZwhatsIt.Com. Get e-reader software for your phone, PC or Mac.,p /> Make your own e-books using Palm Markup Language

  • Standard HTML Icons. This is an incredible page - if you're into HTML as a participation sport!
  • HTML Characters and their associated numbers
  • HTML Character Codes & Names (#)
  • Character Entity Reference Chart
  • HTML Characters Strange
  • Signs & Symbols - Transportation
  • In the dim and distant pre-history of the Modern Web (the days before Google), there was Alta Vista, a creature of DEC (the Digital Equipment Corporation) of Maynard MA.
  • Safety Labels w/Symbols
  • Unicode Character Table
  • AccessSymbols.Org
  • Geo Codes, Geographic Names and Lat/Longs.
  • Soccer: The world's football game. Here's the home page of Sam's Army, the un-official fan club of US Soccer. Say, did you know I'm originally from Rochester NY?
  • QR Code Generator

  • NASCAR : I was working for a company that provided "suplimental communications" (cellular pay phones mounted on trailers) at NASCAR events. Interesting links include: Go Racing site. Visit Nascar Fans HERE!. You can also hear some red-neck good-ole boys talkan 'bout NASCAR at Jon Boy & Billy's Weekly NASCAR Show. Here's a list of good sites (thanks to the folks at StockCarFans.com).

    From StockCarFans.Com:
    Daytona For Dummies

  • Ozzie N4SCY works the High Frequency bands with Sue KF4QMM logging stations contacted during Field Day 1997 - Photo by Jo KE4AEB

    What's wrong with racing stock cars
    for the Nabisco Cup instead?
    Cookies aren't addictive either!

    (This joke went stale after Winston
    no longer sponsered the Cup)
    I had to go back to get this taken, when their first attempt got me at the wrong moment. I had walked over to the Embry-Riddle library, and got their photo half an hour after it was taken. (Impressive delivery, lousy execution of a great concept IMHO).

  • Scanner Frequencies: Railroads, NASCAR Radio Frequencies. "Dot/Star" Frequencies, Marine Frequencies, DisneyWorld, Other scanner Frequencies,
  • Titusville Moel Railroad Club
  • American Diabetes Assoc, Florida Afiliate. I help out during the Tour de Cure Bicycle ralley.
  • Sign Maker, when you need to generate highway signs for graphics. Florida Online Trail Guide
  • Credits and Gratitude, a web page to thank those who have assisted in providing me web sites to "tag" to some of my information, or who have been very helpful in providing me assistance. There`s also a list of places I've accessed the Internet from.
    Creating Cool HTML 4 Web Pages by David Taylor. An earlier version of this book is how I learned to create web pages one weekend. By Monday morning, my first Home Page had been hacked out using WordStar in non-document mode!
    Last week Base 8,
    This week FRACTIONS

    An article describing how to type fractions in e-mail and other typed correspondance.

    What the...?

    Why was this 1975 photo of ME all over Britain in 2008?
    What I know about it...
    Click to see where
    Ozzie lives.
    Visit my
    Space Launch FAQ Page
    Answering Frequently Asked Questions about viewing Shuttle and unmanned launched on Florida's Space Coast.

    It's Official!!
    Ozzie's Idea To Give "The Space Coast" (the Count Down Capitol of the World) Area Code "321" Is A GO!!!

    Read Ozzie's story of How It Came About.

    You can also read Ozzie's Testimony before the PSC, and the Wall Street Journal's "Vanity Area Code" article. Area Code 321 has even been the subject of an answer on Jeopardy!

    Visit http://SpaceyIdeas.Com
    Ozzie's Space Marketing Consulting Company!

    Click for
    Hurricane Status
    GOES Satellite Photo
    Get the latest National Weather Service
    Forcast for Brevard County FL
    . Area Forecast Discussion/MLB
    The Ig® Nobel Prize Winners
    A study finds Cellular Phone hazards are real!
    Read the Wired Magazine article. This one is not a joke.
    Click for Titusville, Florida Forecast
    Click here to check
    the weather in
    Titusville FL.
    Protect your computer from viruses.
    Buy AVG Anti-Virus.
    Check out the Amateur SETI Project. Yes, you too can be a part of the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence in your own home!
    NPR's Lost and Found Sound:
    The Twitching of the Telegraph. Morse code and Ham Radio in a young boy's life. Real Audio required.
    Are you aware of the
    Mobile Marketing Association??

  • My Political Agenda

    Soccer Has Reached America!

    In my identity as a mild-mannered gas cylinder tester for a small obscure Space Shuttle subcontractor (I don't work there any more - I'm now retired from Telecom stuff), I was a Volunteer at the Orlando venue of World Cup USA 94™, the world's most prestegious soccer match. I'm a computer geek, not a sports jock, but I support socccer as a game the rest of the world loves, that America is just getting into. It is also a game that we Americans are not trying to shove down the world's throat! I like that. ;-)>

    What? You haven't figured out why I consider International Sports to be political in nature? e-mail me at n4scy@amsat.org, and I'll be happy to discuss it.

    2006 World Cup Merchandise

    Please note:

    Dates on my web pages are in the date/time format of
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