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Lectures with the Computer Display icon are enhanced by (but do not require) an
Internet terminal at the lectern, connected to a projection system for the audience.

Robert Osband

Known as "Ozzie" to all, Osband is a colorful character who "hangs out" on the Space Coast of Florida just to watch men and metal hurtle into the sky from the nearby Cape Canaveral Spaceport.

How I Got My Very Own Area Code
The story of how Area Code 321 came to represent the Countdown Capitol of the World.

How To Become An Astronaut (*)
Originally an e-mail to a High School student, this has become an annual lecture presented to freshmen physics students at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Includes "How to view space satellites from your own back-yard", available as a Short Topic.

Richard Cheshire
The Cheshire Catalyst

Cheshire was the last editor of TAP, a "phone phreak" newsletter of the late 1970's and early 1980's. He also is a writer for 2600 Magazine, and gives talks at their HOPE Conferences.

FLASH® Sucks For Advertisers (*)
Cheshire prefers information content to glitz, and hates having hos time wasted by "eye candy" when he wants Information!!

Web Access for Limited Access Terminals (*)
Cheshire discusses Internet access from text based terminals that read to the blind, up to mobile phone web browsers that don't allow users to read print on grahics.

Proper Directory Listings for Businesses
As a former Directory Assistance operator, Cheshire talks about getting your business properly listed with Directory Assistance so your customers can find you.

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